2017 Rates

2016 Rates are still available.


Note: Active Letter Carriers biweekly premium is now Category 2. 


Type of Enrollment

Enrollment Code

Non-Postal Premium

Postal Premium




Gov't Share

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Gov't Share

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Category 1
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Category 2
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High Option Self Only








High Option Self Plus One








High Option Self and Family








CDHP Self Only








CDHP Self Plus One








CDHP Self and Family








Value Option Self Only








Value Option Self Plus One








Value Option Self and Family








Postal Category 1 rates apply to career bargaining unit emplyees who are represented by the APWU (including IT/ASC, MDC, OS and NPPN employees) and NRLCA.

Postal Category 2 rates apply to career bargaining unit employees who are represented by NALC, NPMHU and PPO.

Non-Postal rates apply to all career non-bargaining unit Postal Service employees.

2017 CCA Information

As bargaining continues during this extended period of negotiations, the terms and conditions of the 2011-2016 contract remain in effect. Any change in the status of contract negotiations will be posted at nalc.org and sent through the NALC Member App for smartphones via push notification.

If you are a CCA who has served 360 days (CCA or TE), you have three options:

  1. You can choose self-only or self & family coverage in the USPS Noncareer Plan and receive a $125 contribution to the premium every two weeks
  2. As a NALC member, you can choose to become a member and select self plus one or  self & family coverage (not self-only) from the NALC Consumer Driven Plan or Value Option Plan and receive the $125 bi-weekly contribution from USPS
  3. You can choose self-only, self plus one or self & family coverage in any plan offered through the FEHB Program, but receive no contribution toward premium costs.

If you have not completed a 360-day period of service, you have only one plan option:

  1. You can choose to enroll in USPS Noncareer plan (with either self-only or family coverage) and receive the $125 bi-weekly premium contribution from the Postal Service. However, if the NALC prevails in its dispute with the USPS, you may also have the option in the future to choose self & family coverage under either version of the NALC Consumer Driven Plan or Value Option Plan and receive the $125 bi-weekly contribution from USPS.

Below are the 2017 rates for CCAs who have served 360 days as a TE or CCA:

City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

NALC Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP)

Your Share

Self Only: $214.26


Self Plus One: $463.49 - $125.00 =


Self and Family: $464.53 - $125.00 =



City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

NALC Health Benefit Plan Value Option

Your Share

Self Only: $175.85


Self Plus One: $380.37 - $125.00 =


Self and Family: $381.41 - $125.00 =


Please click here for important information regarding CCA eligibility pertaining to the USPS contribution towards the NALC Health Benefit Plan.