Director's Message

Director's Message

New Year's resolutions

Another year has hit the horizon, and I believe it is time for a fresh start, or a renewed enthusiasm to try again for success. This should be our joint New Year’s resolution.

Many times, throughout our lives, future success is hindered because of previous failures, mistakes, or just not knowing where to start. In these situations, we find it easier to tell ourselves that we can’t do it, so we do not have to make another attempt.

If you are feeling this way, I would like to challenge you to change your perspective. No matter your age or where you are in life, we all have a responsibility to ourselves. First, let go of 2018, 2019, 2020 or whatever has been holding you back. Take charge of this year and all of the opportunities available to help you obtain your goals. Start with a list, but make sure to be realistic as you write down your vision and dreams. Although we all want to find a magic Jeannie bottle, that probably will not happen.

Someone out there accomplished their goal weight, quit an unhealthy habit, started a dream business, paid off a debt or simply found happiness in living. Why shouldn’t the next person to find success be you? You deserve it.

If you want to start with your health, the NALC Health Benefit Plan is here to help. We encourage you to start your list with making sure to have preventive checkups, immunizations and tests. You’ll even be able to schedule and receive an annual routine physical exam (age 3 or older) or certain adult routine immunizations and tests without worrying about the cost, since you pay nothing when you see a PPO provider.

Next, if you would like to drop some unwanted pounds, and you are enrolled in the High Option Plan, check out the Real Appeal® Program through Optum®. This program is an online weight-loss program that offers both group and one-on-one personalized coaching through an online platform. The program focuses on weight loss through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. Members will have access to a “transformation coach” and a suite of online tools to help track food and activity. Members also will receive a success kit to support their weight-loss journey, including a food and weight scale, resistance band, workout DVDs and more. Real Appeal encourages members to make small changes toward larger long-term health results with sustained support throughout the duration of the program. Members can enroll at

If you are enrolled in the CDHP or Value Option Plan, you can join the Cigna Weight Management Program. This free program helps you meet your weight goals by also providing a structured weight loss plan and motivational support. You can choose a telephone or online program, whichever works best for you. This is a non-diet approach to weight loss with an emphasis on changing habits. To enroll, call 855-511-1893 or go to

What is next on the list? Organizing? Have you seen our Personal Health Record?

The NALC Health Benefit Plan understands the importance of having an organized accounting of your health-related information. Our online Personal Health Record at is a helpful tool that our members can use to create and keep up-to-date records of:

Your personal health information is stored in a single, safe, password-protected place accessible only by you or your designated personal representative. To start using your Personal Health Record, simply go to our home page at and refer to the top right corner, where you can register and sign into your account. It’s set up to be easy to navigate, so you can update information at your convenience. The blue button feature on the Personal Health Record home page even allows you to access and download your Personal Health Record information into a simple text file that can be read, printed or stored on any computer.

Your list can include many things. Remember, these are goals. Other good ideas are:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”—Walt Disney


Note: The information located in this article is only a summary of some of the NALC Health Benefit Plan benefits.  Detailed information can be found in the NALC Health Benefit Plan's official brochure (RI 71-009).  All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations, and exclusions set forth in the official brochure.


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