Director's Message

Director's Message

Write a new health story for 2020

I would like to start off this month's article with a quote I was recently reminded of. It applies everywhere if you think about it, and most certainly, to your health: "Life's like a movie. Write your own ending."-- Kermit the Frog, Muppet character and Jim Henson's best-known creation.

According to several online sources, most people have given up or failed on their New Year resolutions by mid-January or early February. Maybe goals are too high, life just doesn't offer enough time for us to think about ourselves, or we don't feel that we have enough support from our friends, programs or finances. As a result, we struggle to write our own ending because we believe the resources are not there.

Good news: we can help you take a new approach to pen your story.

Start with taking or re-taking your annual health assessment. This is an interactive journey to discover ways to improve your health. Because we care about your health, we offer incentives for completion. If you are enrolled in the High Option Plan, one of the three available incentives is a wearable activity tracking device. What better way to keep your progress moving?

Other options that the NALC Health Benefit Plan offers for completing the health assessment are free enrollment in the CignaPlus Savings® discount dental program or waiver of two $20 PPO medical office visit copayments (also health choices for your wallet). When at least two family members complete the health assessment, the incentive chosen will increase.

As said above, the health assessment can be taken annually, so make sure to complete it each year. Simply go to and click on the Quicklink called "Health Assessment."

Keep in mind that while both High Option members and CDHP/Value Option members receive the same health assessment experience, there is a difference in the free incentives.

Your story doesn't need to stop there; keep writing.

Healthy Rewards® 

The idea behind the Healthy Rewards® Member Savings Program is making health more affordable. Once you complete your health assessment and receive your wearable activity tracking device, maybe a gym membership or healthy food products are part of the next chapter of your healthy lifestyle.

You can save up to 40 percent on products and services to encourage and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles, such as:

There are no claim forms or referrals, so the program is easy for members to use. You have access to a nationwide network of 48,000 providers and 10,000 fitness clubs. You can access the Healthy Rewards® Program by calling 800-558-9443 or by visiting the Plan's website at

Note: Some Healthy Rewards® Programs are not available in all states. Healthy Rewards programs are separate from your medical coverage. A discount program is not insurance, and the member must pay the entire discounted charge.

Need help quitting tobacco/e-cigarette use?

Don't give up on the resolution because it's March and the first two months were not successful. Keep writing your ending. We have faith in you, and we realize that while stopping tobacco use can be tough, having support and a plan in place can boost your chances for achievement.

Our cost-free Quit for Life® Program offers a variety of tools to help you succeed at kicking the habit, including a Quit Coach® staff member who will work with you to create an individualized plan. You also can receive nicotine replacement therapy products (gum or patches), if it's part of your personalized quitting plan. To learn more about the Quit for Life® Program through Optum®, call 866-784-8454 or visit

If you choose not to participate in the Quit for Life® Program, you can still write this chapter; over-the-counter medications for tobacco cessation (prescription required) will be paid at 100 percent when you purchase the medication at an NALC CareSelect retail pharmacy or mail order program.

If you run into writer's block along the journey, we are here for you!

Lastly, the 2020 NALC Health Benefit Plan brochure (RI 71-009) is a wealth of information that we hope will make your life richer by way of affordable, quality healthcare. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable representatives are waiting to assist you at 888-636-6252. 


Note: The information located in this article is only a summary of some of the NALC Health Benefit Plan benefits.  Detailed information can be found in the NALC Health Benefit Plan's official brochure (RI 71-009).  All benefits are subject to the definitions, limitations, and exclusions set forth in the official brochure.