Director's Message

Director's Message

Make sure to complete your 2017 Health Assessment.

Although you may have filled out one last year, you can and should complete another one to keep your health information current.  Please keep in mind that as of 2017 we no longer offer the CVS gift card; however, the Plan continues to offer other incentives from which you can choose. When you fill out our free Health Assessment at you are taking a positive step toward better physical and mental health.  The Health Assessment is an online tool that analyzes your responses to health related questions and formulates a personalized plan to get you on the path to good mental and physical health. When you complete the Health Assessment, you may either choose to be enrolled in the Self Only CignaPlus Savings® discount dental program and we will pay the premium for the remainder of the calendar year in which you completed the Health Assessment provided you remain enrolled in our Plan,  you may choose the waiver of two $20 PPO medical office visit copayments (when the Plan is primary payor) incurred in the same year as the Health Assessment is completed, or choose a wearable activity tracking device.

When two or more covered family member (including the member) complete the Health Assessment, you may choose either the Family CignaPlus Savings® discount dental program, the waiver of four $20 PPO medical office visits or a wearable activity tracking device (limit 2 devices per enrollment).

Personal Health Record (High Option Plan)

Another great tool we offer and is a great idea when starting the new year is the Personal Health Record.  The NALC Health Benefit Plan understands the importance of having an organized accounting of your health related information.  Our online Personal Health Record at is a helpful tool our members can utilize to create and keep up to date records of medications, immunizations, allergies, medical conditions, physicians, and emergency contacts.  Your personal health information is stored in a safe, password protected place accessible by only you or your designated personal representative.

Simply go to our home page at and refer to the top right corner where you can register and sign in to your account.   The Personal Health Record is easy to navigate, so you can update information at your convenience.  The Blue Button feature on the Personal Health Record home page allows you to access and download your Personal Health Record Information into a simple text file that can be read, printed, or stored on any computer.

Electronic Health Record (High Option Plan)

Once registered on our secure website, you can view your claim history, get real time deductible and out of pocket amounts, as well as print copies of your Explanation of Benefits safely and conveniently at your home or on the go. 

Healthy Rewards® (High Option Plan)

Are you ready to start a healthier lifestyle and save money at the same time?  Couldn’t we all use a little help finding ways to make staying healthy more affordable?  That’s the idea behind the Healthy Rewards® Member Savings Program.  You can save up to 60% on products and services to encourage and promote healthy behaviors and lifestyle. 

There are no claim forms or referrals, so the program is easy for members to use.  You have access to a nationwide network of more than 50,000 providers and fitness clubs.  You can access the Healthy Rewards® Program by calling 800-558-9443 or by visiting the Plan website at under Quicklinks. 

*Some Healthy Rewards® Programs are not available in all states.  A discount program is NOT insurance, and the member must pay the entire discounted charge.

New for 2017 – Telemental Health Medicine (High Option Plan)

Beginning January 1, 2017, the Plan offers outpatient Telemental Health services through Optum™.  Telemental Health is a convenient access to virtual visits for mental health assessments and mental health treatment at a distance.  Telemental Health appointments also offer the advantage of reducing the time you may need to be away from work and eliminate travel time.  Providers include psychiatrists, psuchologists, and social workers.  For services provided by In-Network providers, members will pay a $20.00 copayment.  To find an In-Network telemental health provider call Optum™ at 1-877-468-1016.  

 Brian Hellman, Director

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