Member Mail

From time to time, the NALC Health Benefit Plan will send pamphlets and/or flyers to eligible members highlighting certain aspects of your benefits. On this page, we have links to the most recent flyers we have mailed to your home. We hope that you find these flyers informational and that they help you take advantage of the benefits we offer to help you and your family be healthy and get the most out of your NALC Health Benefit Plan!


 Coming Soon Coming Soon Bend Coaching - Youth mental health support for your family - flyer
Hinge Health High Option Mailer - 6/17/2024 Hinge Health Medicare Mailer - 6/17/2024 CareConnections Chronic Conditions Newsletter - June 2024
Hello Heart: Mens Health Postcard - June 2024  Womens Health Postcard - May 2024  Hello Heart: High Blood Pressure Education Letter - May 2024

CareConnections Sharing Knowledge Newsletter - May 2024

Amwell NALCHBP Telehealth - Spring 2024 Mailer

Top Dermatology at your fingertips - April 2024 Postcard
 Is it an emergency? Flyer - April 2024      Colon Cancer Screening - April 2024

Safe Antibiotic Use Flyer - April 2024

Your Health First Postcard - April 2024

Hinge Health: Struggling with joint and muscle pain flyer
CareConnections Newsletter - April 2024 CareConnections Sharing Knowledge Newsletter - March 2024 Hinge Health: Women's Pelvic Health - March 2024

Hinge Health: Move Beyond Pain - February 2024

CareConnections Chronic Conditions Newsletter - February 2024

NALC/Medicare Reimbursement Member Communication - February 2024
Medicare Part B Reimbursement Account QuickStart Guide - January 2024   Hinge Health New Year Postcard - January 2024 CareConnections Sharing the Knowledge Newsletter - January 2024
Hello Heart Mailer - January 2024